Home of Nusantara

We are located in the heart of Dubai,  with easy access to the business district and key shopping hubs, and proximity to the airport.


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Monday: 9.00 – 22.00
Tuesday: 9.00 – 22.00
Wednesday: 9.00 – 22.00
Thursday: 9.00 – 22.00
Friday: CLOSED
Saturday: 09.00 – 22.00
Sunday: 9.00 – 22.00

Where we source our coffee

Indonesia, as of 2016, is the world’s 4th biggest coffee producing country, 13,000 islands, 120 active volcanoes, ample rainfall, fertile soil and ideal temperatures have led to the existence of a selection of coffees. Indonesia has a wide variety of Arabica Coffee which in each region has a different altitude and soil type, meaning each coffee has its own unique flavour, fragrance and taste so distinct that they must be experienced.

Coffee origin



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