Nusantara Coffee Roastery

2 storey warehouse which include Roasting Facility on the ground floor and homey feel Coffee Lounge on the first floor is located in Nadd Al Hamar, open daily from 7.30AM - 10.00PM.

Once you enter, the illuminated wooden stair will guide you to our Coffee Lounge at the upper floor where you can find your preferred type of brewed coffee and some cakes to pair with. 

nusantara coffee shop al ain

Nusantara Cafe

A coffee shop specialized in serving Indonesian Coffee. Situated opposite Royal Care Medical Center Al Ain - Abu Dhabi.

Open daily 8am - 11pm

Nusantara Coffee Lounge

Nusantara Coffee Lounge

Welcome to Nusantara coffee lounge an upscale lounge setting with beautifully hand crafted furniture from designer Timothy Oulton. Here is the place where cars & coffee meet.

Let us brew you a V60 and while you are sipping let your mind go wild experiencing the unique flavors of Indonesia. Watch the NVN Motorworks team transform some of the world rarest cars into a piece of art. All located in one of the Worlds finest storage facilities.

Open daily 9am - 6pm except Friday and National Holiday.